My Week in a nutshell…


Talking to the moon


Or Maybe…. a Giraffe, a Zebra!


Last one I promise!

What if I want to be a Peacock?

This is the second in the series, and this is the first image I created.  I didn’t really like it overall so I decided to try again.

This is my second attempt, and I was happier with this, but after seeing both, I can’t decide.  I like the fist one because of the rich colors, and I like the second one for the simplified aesthetic and how the peacock tail stands out.

Oh well, I am not as happy with either of these as I am with the leopard image even though the peacock images are a lost crisper.    I’m also a little shy about posting any of these because the bare back feels like I am exposing too much even though I’m not exposing any more of myself here than I would wearing a bikini….maybe I’m just too much of a prude, but I do hope that I don’t offend anybody.



The Leopard and its spots

I have finally started what I resolved to do almost a year ago.  This is the first of 365 photos I will be doing (hopefully) in the next year.  This photo is about being comfortable in our own skin.  I haven’t always been happy with who I am or how I look, but I am taking control and doing what I can to become happy with myself and accepting the things that cannot change as part of what makes me unique.  This is actually going to be part of a series, more to come later.

Testing the Water

This is a practice piece for another self portrait I want to do later on.  I love fairy tales and would like to do my own interpretation of fairy tales through the 365 project.  I love how photography and digital manipulation can help to create a new world, a world of your own with a thousand interpretations and possibilities.  How many people can say that they were a mermaid for a day?

Edit:  Yes I changed the theme again.  I thought a fresh theme with a fresh start would be nice.

The Grand Canyon

Sunset in the Grand Canyon






New Year, New Beginnings

Man I have been slack in keeping up with this blog.  In my defense, school must always take a priority and it doesn’t leave much room for anything else.  But now that I have had some time to unwind I have been thinking about what I want to do in the New Year and what I want to accomplish.  Finishing up school this spring is first on the list, but beyond that there are a few more items on my list of resolutions:

1. Start a 365-I really want to continue taking pictures, and this is a great way for me to improve and grow as a photographer as well as a person

2. that said, following through is the next goal.  I wrote about this in an earlier post, but I plan to finish everything I start

3. Start and finish the project ideas that have pile up on my desktop.

4. de-clutter our apartment and revamp so it doesn’t look so much like two college students live there.

5. Get healthy and become more active.

6. Cook at least 3 meals a week.

7. Get a job


As you can see, it is quite a list but shoot for the moon right?


Also I am considering moving my blog from wordpress to tumblr…. I will post the link if I do.


I hope everybody has a wonderful New Years!